Black ice cream in Kandivali?

If you follow me on instagram or snapchat (If not, well : Snapchat- Rajvi_desai , instagram- @thegreedygut_) you pretty much know about how obsessed i’m with “BRAIN FREEZE


There’s been literally a time when i’ve been there 5 days in a row! So you can definitely tell it’s my all-time go-to place.



 I’ve tried one item from each category soooo, let’s get started

  1. A World Of Freezing Flavours

There are around good 20+ flavours from of ice cream for you to try! They even have SORBET!

Price: Single scoop- Rs.70/-

Tub (550 ml) – Rs.280/-

These flavours fro A2 to Z2 might have some weirdass names but that creativity doe.





Recommended :

In the picture –

1) N2 Naughty nibble (definitely not what you thought xD) – It’s blue? I mean what’s not to like about it?

2) R2 Rich Rocher (Ferrero rocher)

3) E2– Electric Espresso. Coffee lovers, DO NOT miss on this one!


4) THE ALMOND CHARCOAL – People are going crazy about the black ice cream these days. Well, the one here isn’t that great but you can definitely taste and then opt for it if you like it. I’d rate it moderate – 3/5.




5) O2 – Oral obsession (Mint chocochip)

6) H2 – Hot and hap (Belgian chocolate)


Basically includes one bar, one dipping and 3 toppings of your choice. Worth a try.

What I had : Jazz coffee bar with white chocolate dipping and toppings- Sprinkles, crushed waffles and chocolate chip. (Their chocolate chips are damn FINE!)



A combinations of Coffee and white chocolate never disappoints.

Price: Rs.80

Rating: 4/5


A dessert in a waffle cup? I’m down for it.

Choose any 2 scoops of ice cream, one sauce and three toppings.

“Scoop it, top it up, Dip into notes and dish it up”, they say!

The waffle is crisp and nice.



A chocolate over-loaded dessert is all you need in your sad and happy times, too! :p

Price: Rs.160/-

Rating: 5/5


Ain’t no frappe a hit without a delicious whip cream topped up. Honestly, i wanted a bowl of extra whip cream to eat.

The Belgian Chocolate Frappe is a must try! It’s just PERFECT and delicious and all the adjectives.



Price: Rs.200/-

Rating: 5/5

And finally,



3 scoops of ice cream- G2, R2 and D2 served with chocolate fudge sauce, crushed oreos, chocolate sprinkles, whipped cream and brain freezing signature chocolate on top. Phew! *drools*

Well.. I thing the description is enough for you to have the sundae!



Price: Rs.250/-

Rating: 5/5


Freshly baked brownie with lot of hot chocolate with your choice of ice cream scoop garnished with choco crackle balls and chocolate sauce. One of the best brownie i’ve had till date.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Price: Rs.150

Rating: 5/5

*This is one of their speciality and is ONLY served at Brain Freeze stores.

This place is really cute though. It’s got indoor and outdoor sitting both!





Lastly, if you find this note on the wall there, snap me! 😉




Food : 5/5

Ambience : 5/5

Price : 5/5


Ice creams are BAE but when this happens? -_-

Thumbs up if you can relate..


Thank you ❤

Much love x

Brain Freeze Icecream Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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Hey folks! How you doin’ today?

*Read it till the end for an announcement 😀

A new enticing pure VEG cafe- KAFFEINE, has opened next to Vijay Sales, BORIVALI (west).

This place is SO good, I’ve already visited twice in a week and ordered the same dishes from the menu.

Starting off with beverages;

To beat this GOD DAMN HEAT of Mumbai, definitely try out the slushes.

A perfect choice if you’re going on a lunch/brunch. Not too icy and flavours hit right on your taste buds. Also, how pretty? :p

  1. Cranberry Slush

2. Green Apple Slush

Whilst Mumbai is all hyped about the monsoon season, ain’t nothing better than a Hot chocolate. (Well, ofcourse after Chai :p )

And MINT HOT CHOCOLATE always for the WIN!

There’s nothing better than a mint hot chocolate on a breezy/rainy evening.



Hoping onto starters,

the KISH TART  (probably quiche is what they mean..) consists of 6 pieces that has vegetable stuffing with cheese in a perfect crispy tart. There’s an option for half mushroom-half corn plating. You can also have a full portion of mushroom or just corn. The salad on the side tastes as good.

5/5 for the presentation.




By far the best hummus and pita bread I’ve ever had. The pita bread specially. It’s served hot and soft. If you’re a person with not-too-spicy choice, definitely order it!



For the mains,

  1. WHITE SAUCE PASTA all day, errrrday..

The pasta can be of your choice – Penne or Spaghetti. Served with two pieces of garlic bread and also a complimentary basket of breads – Masala and foccacia.

The pasta definitely does justice do it’s name – White, Cheesy and TASTY!




Lasagna is an italian dish (Pronounced as Laza-nea) – a layer of vegetables, pasta in the form of sheets or stripes and cheese sauce.

The lasagna is always so filling. Easily serves 3-4 people. The quantity is quite impressive and foodgasmic!!! *drools*





Coming to the dessert, the current obsession of every person : WAFFLES.

Two pieces of waffles are served along with vanilla ice cream and whip cream.

If you’re a chocolate person, Try out –

Nutella waffles. (The cliche)

Personally i didn’t like them because they were too crispy for me. The taste was good though. Nothing too extra-ordinary about it.



If you’re someone like me who orders the weirdest flavour from the menu, definitely go for –

White chocolate and Kiwi Waffles.

It might look unpleasant but the taste is *YUM!*. As from the nutella waffle experience, I this time had mentioned to keep the waffles soft and they were just PEREFECT.



Also, I’d Recommend : Cheese chilly toast and Passion fruit iced tea.

Some indoor and outdoor pictures –




Overall :

Food : 5/5

Ambience : 4.5/5

Service : 3.5/5

Price : 4/5


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ADDRESS : Shop No 1, Bhatia Apt,, S V Road, Next to Vijay Sales, Borivali West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400092

Cost for two : 800/- approximately

This is definitely me every single time –


Thank you for your time ❤

Much love x

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Top 4 places for Burgers


Okay too enthu..

But seriosuly..

HI! It’s been so long but i’m finally back after giving all the excuses to people who asked me about my blogging.. Well i clearly fail at it but better late than never..

Not going round the bush, i’ll just start off!

Lately, I’ve had these new feelings…

for BURGER! Burgers have hit the top chart of favourites for me.

So here are are some LIP-SMACKING BURGERS you’ll find in Bandra. (aka my second home.)


Need not say much about this place other than,


This place serves those towered-burgers that you see daily on your instagram feed.






Check out my previous blog to know about this place in detail :

(That shameless plug-in doe!)


This is a dainty/goofy place in the narrow roads of Hill Road, Bandra. However, this dainty place serves massive cheesy burgers! I could guarantee you “So full, i can’t even breathe moment.”

They have varieties in veg and non-veg burgers. Both, equally good.

The menu has now changed. I’d still recommend : Cheese Bomb (Veg) – Rs.300

Food : 4.5/5




This place is in Pali Hill. A small outlet with big burger-cushioned wall and high stools. I’ve been to this place twice or thrice but has never disappointed me. Except for that one time when the lights went out. It was hilarious! And that was when we had stumbled on Frisbees. No regrets tbh.

The variety of fries served here are worth a try! Ain’t nothing better than saucy fries with a burger.

Recommended : Jalepeno popper burger

Food : 3.5/5

(*This place is temporarily closed.)







As hyped this place was all over my instagram feed, i was going CRAY and HAD to visit the place. As going with my obsession, Burger was sure to be ordered. Their range of non-veg burgers will make you want to order everything! This place is in Bandra Reclamation.

Recommended : Veg- Chow chow noodle burger (Paneer) – Rs.199

Non-Veg- Happy chicken (Rs.199) , Peter Punjab (Rs.229)

For the starter, From the Franchos section – Tex-Mex (Golden frenchfries, cheesy cream sauce, mexican chunky salsa, tangy jalepenos.) (Rs.219)

The Veg burger was a little dry. The non veg burger were saucy af on the other side!

They also serve fries and a sauce on the side depending on the burger you order.

This place is worth trying. The ambience is LIT. (5/5)

Food : 4/5






Happy Chicken #TheGreedyGut


Chow chow Noodle Paneer #TheGreedyGut


Peter Punjab #TheGreedyGut







That’s it for today’s blog 😀

Hope y’all like it!

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Story of my life right now..

burger time.png

Thank you for the time ❤

Much Love x

Go Burger-zerk!

Have you ever had this moment of “I’M SO FULL CAN’T EVEN BREATHE?” YES/NO? Get ready to experience it through today’s post regardless.

Ever seen HUGE tower burgers on instagram feed and drooled all over? Well here’s a good news! You could have them here in Mumbai now!

HOWRA, Bandra West is one such place in Mumbai that has an INSANE menu of burgers. The best part is that be it a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian burger, they are equally GooOOOOoooD!

The BIG DADDY under the Titan Burgers section, contains two patties with double cheese, lettuce and mayo drizzled with BBQ sauce and spicy cocktail topped with caramelized onions. PHEW! The burger is served with fries on the side to go with. You can have your fries topped with any of the sauces (BBQ Highly recommended) for just Rs.30. 

You can have the patties of your choice : Paneer or chicken!


BIG DADDY – Paneer #TheGreedyGut


BIG DADDY – Chicken #TheGreedyGut


Big Daddy – Chicken  #TheGreedyGut

Disclaimer : You’ll literally spend 5 minutes of your life figuring out how to actually eat the burger! XD

And once you start eating, If you’re someone like me, be ready to MESS IT UP ALL! The struggle TOO real! Just sayin’.



But if you’re someone who can manage it all, ‘sashtang namaskar’ at your bruh jaan! 😀 Just kidding. No, but hats off. Half of your life gets sorted out there!

DO NOT leave this place without having the DEEP FRIED OREOS. No matter how full you get, you gotta keep the room for dessert! These oreos are deeply fried, as the name suggests and topped with caramel. Literally, it’s like the happyy, happy ending!





To add to the already pretty food, this place is probably a flat converted to a restaurant on the fifth floor and hence, the view from this place is breath taking! There’s not a better place than Howra to enjoy delicious burgers with a pretty view.



P.S : Follow me on snapchat to stay updated all day, errrday : Rajvi_Desai

P.P.S: If you’re up for a challenge, go ahead and have THE GODFATHER!


Food : 5/5

Ambience : 4/5

Service : 3.5/5

Price : 5/5

Oh! Well..

burger 2.jpg

Thank you for your time ❤

Much Love! x

Address : Anzhar Villa, 5th floor, Next to Khoja Florist, Hill Road, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050

Cost for two :  Average Rs.500/-

Howra Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Talk over the CHAI!

Don’t you just love when you accidentally come across a person or a thing OR food you adore the most? Yesterday was one such day, when I had the craving to have a delicious “MASALEDAAR CHAI”. While strolling in search of chinese food, I came across this hidden place called CHITCHAT CHAI, Borivali (west). Being a tea person, i couldn’t resist and headed my group to just get into this place.



Firstly, This place’s ambience is everything you need with a bunch of friends. The seating arrangement is apt, the walls are perfectly framed, the ceiling is perfectly lit with bunch of bulbs and they even have an outdoor seating which is perfect for a pleasant evening. Basically, everything is PUUUHFECT! The size of this place is very considerate.





They have these various board games like jenga, snakes and ladder, etc to pass your time while your food is being prepared (Like we did, clearly). They even provide you with a speaker. What better than to enjoy tea and food while YOUR OWN PLAYLIST is on?



Coming to the TEA SECTION,

I Tasted 3 kinds of teas. All the flavours were so well blended yet taste each ingredient, which was the best part.

  • Ginger Pudina Chai – Recommended  if you like your tea ‘masaledaar’.
  • Kesar Elaichi Chai – Recommended if you’re into trying out new flavours.
  • Honey Lemon Green Tea – Recommended if you’re having a bad throat. Definitely works!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

*If you’re not a tea person or into any hot beverages. They even have a wide range of hot and cold coffees and even, hot chocolate and they taste just as good!

Coming to the munch food, the FRIES BASKET with peri-peri masala over the top, goes perfect with the tea. The Fries Basket includes : French fries, potato wedges and smileys.


If you love cheesy food, definitely order the BBQ cheese mayonnaise corn. It’s kinda filling and tastes DELICIOUS! Definitely worth the money.


The owner of this place happened to be there and was kind enough to provide me with the menu so i could post it as I told him I would definitely write a blog on it. He actually had a big smile on his face. This place being a newly opened, definitely needs more exposure as it’s a pretty perfect place, from ambience to food.




Say Hi to him if you see him :p #TheGreedyGut


Food : 4/5

Ambience : 5/5

Service : 3.5/5

Price : 5/5

Definitely adding it to my favourite hangout spot!

Thank you for your time ❤

Much love x

Address :  Shop no.8, Vicory Park,Opposite Bunty Juice Center, Chandavarkar road,                                    Borivali (west)

Cost For Two : Rs. 200/-

Opens at : 9 a.m

Chitchat Chai Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

This Valentine’s, Love and Cheesecake!

Poetry by Love and Cheesecake Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Kaaay So, let’s just get it straight! If you’re anything like me which means THAT ONLY SINGLE person while others around are celebrating THOSE 7 DAYS, I’m sure you CRINGE each time someone goes like, “So what’s your plan for Valentine’s?”

AND all you have to say is,


On that note, Let’s ACTUALLY celebrate the Valentine’s with food today?                               And if you’re a foodie couple, well that’s like a cheese on the cake! (Sorry)

Poetry by love and cheesecake, is literally one of the prettiest cafe in Bandra West.



As the name suggests, it’s an outlet by Love and cheesecake themselves.

Love and cheesecake itself being so renowned, while passing by Poetry, it was difficult to not go in. So even after being full, i decided to head in because there’s ALWAYS a special room for dessert!

So firstly, being a marshmallow fan, I decided to order the  ORIGINAL HOT CHOCOLATE.

To my surprise, It came with an empty glass with a chocolate ball in it and the milk, seperately. The server poured in the hot milk and asked me to stir it side by side. Never have i come across such a thing for an original hot chocolate. However, i was still looking for the marshmallow and got to know, the marshmallow was inside the chocolate ball. Aaand well, my day was clearly made!



Talking about the taste, it was pretty basic! But the way it was served, it was hella IMPRESSIVE!

The Dessert I tried was.. I honestly don’t remember the name but it was pretty attractive!

Also, I suck at my job.



HOWEVER, it had layers of mousse with some crumbles(of brownie is what i’m guessing) on the top and a chocolate disc with drops of caramel. It was D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S!

I’d rate its as: 4/5

(Honestly, why am i even blogging?)



Food :  3.5/5

Ambience : 4/5

Service : 5/5 

Price: 3.5/5


This place is definitely worth visiting. They even have a range of beverages,sandwiches, eggs, waffles and pancakes which i look forward to trying.

WARNING : All the desserts are in a display, so mentally prepare to empty your wallets if  you’re a dessert person!

Until then,  cheers to the people in relationship! Hope you have a lovely Valentine’s. To all the single people, don’t be upset and head out on your date with Food! 😉 #FoodIsBAE



    Happy Valentine’s Day ❤

Thank you for your time!

Much love x


Address: Pali Darshan, Junction of 16th & 33rd road, Linking Road, Bandra West.
Cost for two: ₹1,000 for two people (approx.) (VAT & service charges extra)
Opening hours: 8am to 12 midnight

The Breakfast Tray

Ayeh there! Good to see you again here. 🙂

To kick start with the reviews today, I chose the cafe with whose breakfast menu i was TOTALLY impressed with i.e Cafe Grain and Bagel, Andheri.                                                            (Also, starting with breakfast review because first meal of the day? Okay sorry.)

So, long time ago.. I with my friend had been there on a very sunny… Okay kidding! No stories. xD

Jumping to the review, We had ordered ‘The Breakfast Tray‘. This wasn’t particularly mentioned in the menu but was on the ‘Specials’ written on the chalk board.

TBH, what actually caught our attention was “Rs.200 ONLY” for a WHOLE breakfast tray? Well, that had to be definitely ordered then!

The breakfast tray included : A cup of Cappuccino, a bowl of cereal along with cinnamon toasts, 3 bagels with cream cheese and a combination of fries and aloo poppers kinda thingy.





Overall, I would rate the FOOD : 3.5/5.                                                                                                   The poppers weren’t that tasty. They were more like of the ready made packets.                   However, the rest was pretty good!

My greedy gut was definitely satisfied.

Coming to the Ambience:  3/5.  It’s a tiny but cute, open place. If you’re not a breakfast person, spending an evening here with BAE-GALs (and guys :p ) would be perfect! 😉              It also has this wall where you can scribble your time out while your food is getting ready! 😀




P.S: If you’re a cereal bowl and cinnamon lover, this breakfast tray is HIGHLY recommended!

P.P.S: It’s been months since I had been to this place, so not really sure if they still serve this breakfast tray. *hiding my face*. Though, I’d still recommend this place. Their bagels are worth trying! 🙂

I look forward to trying their ‘The sandwich board’ i.e bagel sandwich.


while you scribble on the wall! 😉 #TheGreedyGut

Thank you for the time peeps!

Much love x

Address : 48, Ground Floor, Titan, Gulmohar Road, Juhu, Mumbai.                                                                     (The Vile Parle outlet has been shut.)
Cost For Two : Rs.800 for two.





That Cliché Introduction!

Hola folks!

What better and a boring way than to start blogging with ‘THE INTRODUCTION’, right?

So my name is… Naaaah! Wait.

Firstly, let me give you a gist of WHY this blog doe?

Food has been literally my obsession since past couple of years and I’ve been on a food journey since a year and  half all over Mumbai. Like literally, I and my friend have been wandering for hours, just for the minutes of hogging. Now that’s some dedication, RIGHT? *Expects you to nod*.

Anywaaaay, so after several abuses from people because of my snapchat stories, nagging and SOME motivation, I finally decide to start blogging! (Also, considering my college project as an excuse to blog. *Teehee*)

Let me take you on a journey with me to restaurants with GooOoOooD Food in Mumbai!

So.. HI! I, Rajvi Desai, welcome YOU to ‘The Greedy Gut‘ where you might drool over some images and probably become social-potatoes from couch-potatoes!

Talking about me, I am a skinny girl (who literally hogs) with fat dreams (aka cheese-y dreams). I’m that girl whom y’all tag in “Eats a lot but never gets fat” posts all day, errrr-day!

Other than that, I’m a Dancer, a YouTuber and a Media student. 🙂

Oh! Also, I’m awkward in real life but pretty social on the internet 😉 –

  • Snapchat: Rajvi_desai
  • Instagram: Rajvi_desai
  • Twitter: RajviDesai31
  • YouTube:

Looking forward to interact with you peeps! x

Also, expect some random memes on every post because why not?



Thank you for the time doe! x

Much Love! ❤